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    Common shoe materials problems and treatment methods in shoe making process

    Time: 2019/9/27 9:24:22View:197

    1. How can I reduce the discoloration of the bottom?
    The dermis will discolor in wet and hot environments, which is currently not a problem. The method that people who are prone to sweat can choose: wear dark socks; choose PU shoes; or wear them every other day.

    2. the shoes at the bottom of the leather will slip when worn, how to prevent?
    The leather sole shoes are characterized by good air permeability, good comfort and good texture. This is one of the important features of high-end shoes; but the leather is not wearable and afraid of water. If you want to improve its wear resistance, you can put a rubber sole on the sole of the shoe before you wear it. It will be better, which not only prevents slipping, but also increases the wearing life of the shoe. Only in this way, the meaning of the leather bottom is lost.

    3. Why are there many light-colored shoes that are black heels?
    The design concept of the shoe determines that the heel is dark, and this design philosophy is sometimes followed by fashion trends. This season is the time when this design concept is popular, so you will find that many brands of shoes have this style.

    4. Why are there small pinholes at the bottom of the cool leather shoes?
    Because the leather shoes are cut by the pinhole point positioning method during the manufacturing process, there are small holes. This hole does not affect the quality, you can wear it with confidence.

    5. Why do light-colored shoes sometimes have small black spots on the surface?
    Since natural leather needs to be dyed, it can make various colors that we like. In the dyeing process, the dark color will cover the original stain. Light color should not be covered, this is all natural leather, black spots are stains on the leather.

    6. Some of the colors of the molding base are also rubbed off with the eraser. What is the matter?
    Because it is attached to the bottom of the molding, the color is attached to it, instead of being colored on the sole after molding, it will not discolor under normal conditions.

    7. There are air holes on the bottom of the molding. The customer suspects that it is a quality problem. How should I explain it?
    In the production process, due to the relationship of the mold, there will be a small hole like a bubble on the surface of the forming bottom, which is not a problem in the wearing process.

    8. Is it not good to stick the sandals to the bottom?
    The bottom of the sandals is made according to the production method prescribed by the state. The bottom of the sand is wrapped on the midsole, and then pressed by the special glue of high temperature + shoes, so you can wear it with confidence.

    9. Will the film of the shoe crack?
    The film used on the shoe is a specially-tested special shoe material that will not crack under normal wear and can be worn with confidence. The quality of our shoes is very good. If there is a problem, we will deal with it according to the “three guarantees” of the city. You can wear it with confidence.

    10. What should I do if the shoes with film decoration wear dirty and yellow? If not, what should I do?
    Shoes with film decoration are more fashionable, and shoes with leather material are more distinctive and individual. However, it will indeed turn yellow when worn for a long time. So far, there is still no good solution for this problem country. Therefore, it emphasizes the selling point of fashion and personality. At the same time, it is recommended that guests pay more attention when wearing them, and pay attention to maintenance when not wearing them.

    11. the molding base is not resistant to wear? What to do after grinding off?
    The bottom of the molding is non-slip and wearable and very comfortable to wear. This sole has good quality. According to the different wearing habits of the individual, the degree of wear of the heel is not the same. If there is any problem, you can take the shoes to the shoe repair shop and they will help you with it.

    12. the difference between the leather bottom and PU hot bottom?
    Leather bottom: good breathability, comfortable to wear, but easy to discolor in wet and hot conditions.
    PU bottom: breathability is slightly worse than leather, but it is not easy to discolor is its biggest advantage; our company uses imported breathable PU, performance and material are superior.

    13. What kind of shoes are more suitable for people with more sweat?
    The inner part of the shoe is generally made of genuine leather or imported breathable PU. Both of them are characterized by strong breathability and can be selected according to personal preference and characteristics. If the person with more sweat is wearing leather shoes, it is easy to fade and contaminate the socks. Such customers try to recommend that he choose the shoes with imported PU material.

    14. The leather of the new shoes is very hard. Will it wear your feet when worn?
    Mainly because the reason why no one has ever passed, the material of the new shoes is generally hard. Since our shoes are made of genuine leather, there are pores on the top, and the leather will become soft and heel as long as it touches the temperature for a while.